Sanjiaoyong BridgeTaiwan (R.O.C.)


Over the Sanxia River, the Sanjiaoyong Bridge conects the Sanxia and Shulin districts, in New Taipei City, with the aim to develop the communications of the Taipei University Special Area. It is a steel arch bridge with a length of 180 meters and a width and span of 30 and 30 meters respectively. It has two lanes, walkways for pedestrians, and cycle lanes. It has been designed to prevent the floods during the next 200 years, and it is prepared to the construction of the rapid transit in the future.

The bearing system is composed of 4 Well-Link pot bearings: 1 fixed pot bearing (FB3200-1130-320), 2 guided pot bearings (GB3200-1300-320), and 1 free sliding pot bearing (SB3200-0-320). All of them support a vertical force of 3,200 tons and an uplift force of 320 tons in Ultimate Limit State (ULS) with a rotation of ±0.015 rads. In addition, 48 Well-Link elastomeric bearings (RB-27-150-150) of CR60º ±5 º were supplied as buffer between the bridge and the pier heads.

Location: Sanxia District, New Taipei City.

Uploading bearings on truck.

Seals after testing.

Key information

Product/s & Quantity:
Structural bearings
4 pot bearings
48 elastomeric bearings (RB)
AASHTO Standard Specifications for Highway Bridges
Country: Taiwan
Infrastructure: Sanjiaoyong Bridge
Type: Steel arch bridge
Length: 180 meters
Width: 30 meters
Span: 30 meters
Year: 2014